Located just off historic Route 66

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Big Red Cup Cars is your new source for American Classics and Muscle Cars.

As many independents who specialize like to do so in exotics and foreign makes, Big Red Cup Cars will specialize in the home grown models of Americana.
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Our home is a piece of Route 66 history and was once a landmark, albeit unofficial, on The Mother Road tours.

The former cup plant that once housed, Lily Tulip, Sweetheart and Solo.

The big cup was an often visited and photographed attraction.

The cup was removed for engineering reasons when remodeling the offices at the center of the building.  It was a concrete and steel part of the building and would have eventually pulled away from the building because of the weight, when the front doors were made to satisfy ADA standards.

So, it was decided to pay homage to the history of the building to name our company and too all the good people who had worked there.

Please support our friends at, SOLO CUPS when you plan your next car show and car related adventure.
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